Monthly Archives: December 2012

Concept art: The Inn, colored

Another level asset completed. The Inn is going to be a location to pick up quests, buy and sell items, and to get an immediate heal on all stats. There will be Inns scattered all over the place, so I’ll be working on how to do a little dynamic recoloring to keep it lively.

Still working on how to implement implicit save points. In the mean time, the Inns will be where you save your games.


Main Character recolor

Since I’ve decided to use XNA as the engine, this frees me up to flex my muscles in character design. I’ve retouched the look of the main character, added a few gradients here, adjusted the color scheme, added some colored strokes, and included a little more detail to his costume.

Concept Art: Main Menu

I hate drawing logos. It feels like you spend hours of your day spinning your wheels, fretting over serif versus sans-serif, twitching between 3-point kerning and 4-point kerning. It’s mind-numbing. But, in the end, you end up making something pretty good looking. It’s a thankless job. I’d never want to be a typographer.

Here’s some semi-final concept art of the main menu and logo.