Monthly Archives: June 2013

New races (concept art)

I had the idea of adding new races of characters into the world of Conjurer. I figured that it suits the lore and opens up a lot of interesting ideas in terms of story and gameplay. I like the current concept sketches, and I’m doing my best to stay as far away from furry territory as possible.

Trent and I have been hard at work building out a wiki for Conjurer. We decided to do this after it became apparent that I’d forgotten a large amount of lore that we’d thought up 6 months ago. I’ve never been good at keeping track of that kind of stuff. But, story is going to be a large part of the gameplay, and¬†exploration is hopefully going to be what makes the game interesting. If anything, it gives me a way to allow future KickStarters to participate in the development of the game. Maybe donating $100 gets you written in as an NPC. $200 makes you a quest giver. (Prices may vary). Sounds fun, why not.

Work on the engine has been slow, and the past few months have been hectic. I went through a not-so-positive experience at a software company, and I’ve got another couple of projects for a client that have been eating up the rest of my time. But, we’re still moving forward, albeit slow.