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More concept art

Thought you guys might enjoy some more concept art.

cat_piratesCat pirates are some furry little NPCs and enemies throughout some of the tropical areas in Conjurer. They’re adorable, but don’t let their cuteness fool you. They are bloodthirsty little savages – ¬†Vicious little cutthroat scoundrels!

omen_polesOmen Poles are NPC objects that act as quest points and hints to find secret areas. They’re guarded by Touki Birds, and house the souls of those who betray others in a heinous manner. They speak in riddles, and the taller a pole is, the more complete the riddle you receive.

gomer_the_poetGomer the Poet is a lovable NPC and quest giver that always seems to end up horribly maimed, slashed, impaled, crushed or inconvenienced.  He only talks in rhyme, which is more than likely due to brain damage.

touki_birdsFairy Doors are little doors that are hidden everywhere. If you happen to have a fairy key, you can shrink yourself down and see what’s inside. It might be treasure. It might be a helpful items. It might even have someone inside to talk to. Keep your eyes peeled!

fairy_doorsTouki Birds are tough giant birds that reside in the tropics. They hassle you by acting very territorial and dropping heavy objects on your head. You can trick them into triggering traps and puzzles if you’re smart enough.

BitmapFont generator Hiero saves the day!

colorCodeFontJust wanted to give a shout out to Hiero, an outstanding bitmap font generator! It will convert any TTF system or file font to a format compatible with LibGDX. It will even apply some minor effects to the glyphs, such as outlines, shadows, and gradients. Use it for other engines as well, provided that you can ready their .fnt format.

For instance, this is Franklin Gothic Heavy at size 32 with a shadow, outline and gradient, squished into a 256×256 square. SUPER helpful!

You can download it here: