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TigerHawks: Combat and Carrier Landing concept art.



Here’s some concept art on combat and landing on a carrier. The combat is more open than most shoot’em-ups, where you rely more heavily on radar to track your opponents. Landing ends up being a little mini-game, which helps you build experience. Building experience increases your rank, which allows you to fly more capable planes.

I’m getting super excited about this one, guys! 



TigerHawks: Coming Soon

concept TigerHawks is the latest project in development for FRG. It’s a throwback to classic shmups, with a little something new — in particular one-on-one dogfights and evading/outrunning missiles from the rear of the plane. You can fly different planes with different abilities to better handle the challenges of particular levels. Enlist the aid of drones to mitigate damage and increase your firepower. Tons of enemies to fight against beautiful backdrops. A quirky storyline to boot. TigerHawks will be available for purchase on iOS, Android, and OUYA. No release date yet. Keep your ears open.

I’ve decided to start in on this project to help goad me along in learning HTML5 game development using Cocos2D-html5. The clients want me to be workable in this new environment as soon as possible. It’s a new framework, with new syntax and a new API. So the best way to learn is to jump in and get your hands dirty. I may segue this into learning Obj-C/Cocos2d, since Cocos2D-html5 is a JavaScript binding of the native iOS framework. Wish me luck everyone.