TigerHawks, alpha video v1.0

Here’s a look at the first video of alpha gameplay for TigerHawks.

As you can see, you can play as a Player Plane against a single Enemy Plane. The plane will roll depending on which direction you’re turning. The enemy plane AI is just on a random, dumb algorithm that makes him change speed and direction every couple of seconds. The Player Plane is fully controllable by both an Xbox360 GamePad and and OUYA gamepad. It also builds perfectly to the OUYA device, and plays at a beautiful 60 FPS. You’re capable of firing a handful of weapons, such as 3 different machine guns and a dumb-fire missile.

I’m VERY pleased with how well this build is going, and how well Starling is performing on both PC and the OUYA, which is arguably a moderately powered Android device. Keep an eye out for more updates in the future.


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4 thoughts on “TigerHawks, alpha video v1.0

  1. Tim

    Your game looks like shit; looks like it plays like shit; and looks simple enough to be something I made in college during one of my programming classes. I get you want people to impulse buy so you get your money. But just like YOU said… you got to have the polish for it. Which is severely lacking here.

  2. James Post author

    Hahaha, no shit! I guess you don’t know what the term ‘Alpha build’ means. There is no polish. None. It’s the first step on a thousand mile journey. I’m showing off very basic features and controls.

    So let’s see what you’ve built.

  3. Tim

    I’m not the one on the chopping block who posted his work in the middle of some kind of argument. I’ve checked your other games out. Meh.

  4. James Post author

    Chopping block… LOL! Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind, Mr. DontFeedTheTrolls. Go back to playing games and offering your opinion for free. 🙂


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