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Some more concept art of a TigerHawk fighter.

Moving along with some more fighter concept art.

You can see me create it on the Twitch stream.

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Changing the look of TigerHawk’s planes

In researching other games in the arcade flight sim genre, I couldn’t help but notice that I had a hard time telling them apart at first glance. My original concept art seemed to mimic the same, reaslistic-ish style, and in an effort to stand apart visually I’ve decided to reapproach the design of the aircraft.

I’ve been a fan of previous games like Metal Slug, and Raiden simply because their aircrafts design were somewhat fresh and imaginative, yet still pretty fun and not-so-serious looking. I’m gonna go that route, instead. Here’s a first look at some attempts to move in that direction, and it feels GOOD! I’ll see if I can bang out a few other prototypes soon.

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This is a fully armed and operational battlestation

Hey all, it has been a little quiet around here, but for good reasons. I had to step out and join the real world for a bit, working at a bank as a software developer to run up some much needed revenue. Raising kids in Orange County is expensive, and Patreon wasn’t cutting it, though if you can spare a couple dollars a month, please consider donating!

But, I’m back in the saddle again. The office is groomed, reorganized, and ready for the daily grind. I’m running on getting TigerHawks built while also completing an ongoing project for a client, Traitors Legacy. Expect more updates soon, I’m going to attempt to add something every other day.

Also, keep an eye out for a Twitch TV stream coming soon, in case you feel like watching me meander through art, animation, and code while trying to distract me.

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Lazer Beamz

I miss having a white board. It really helped me in designing my games. Here’s a look at what the board looked like when I was building LazerBeamz in 2008.

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A trip down memory lane

Here’s an old character sheet I did for a coffee shop game when I used to work at Armor Games in 2008.

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Icarus Kids Alpha Video

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A quick project

I need to brush up on what’s required when submitting to the iOS and Play Stores, so I thought I’d make a quick flappy bird game which features micropurchases and ads. I thought I’d use this opportunity to flex my muscles on character animation in Unity, as well. My daughter was eager to be involved, so she and possibly her cousins will be the hero characters.

Here are some quick mockups of the game. More pics later.

mockupmenu mockupgame

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Conjurer, a trip down memory lane

I found some old screen caps of Conjurer, back in the day when I was working on a prototype in 2008. Pretty ambitious for a Flash game. Thought you guys might like to see them.

conjurer1 conjurer2 conjurer3 conjurer4 conjurer5

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Jumping back into 3D modeling

Here’s to the first week of development on TigerHawks! I’m getting back into 3D modeling and texturing, so I thought I’d cook up a quick reference fighter to use as FPO. Here are some step by step images of doing so. Next step, sticking it into Unity and hooking it up to the controller.

Wireframe model



Texture mapping






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Starting a Patreon

13939403_10104381098749841_6306421905986906288_nHey everyone,

It’s been pretty quiet on here since I got a job as a Level 3 Support Engineer over at Resolve Systems, but I’ve decided to return to doing what I enjoy the most. Game Development! One of the roadblocks to doing this stuff full time has always been a lack of income. Games are long and complicated projects, and it goes without saying that time is money.

I have a wife and two kids to consider when weighing these decisions. So, in an effort to put an income stream behind¬†the development of my personal projects, I’ve decided to start a Patreon account for French Roast Studios. For those that don’t know what Patreon is, it’s a site which helps developers, like myself, find income from those who like what we do. You can opt into a monthly donation of your choice, and depending on your level of patronage, you’ll receive certain perks that other patrons don’t.

If you’re interested in supporting me, please visit my Patreon account and offer what you can! Thank you to all of those who support me, and I’m looking forward to starting this adventure with you all!

Click on the link below to check out the Patreon page.

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