Someone did a Let’sPlay of my first Flash game.

It’s official. I’ve crossed the threshold into being a professional game developer, haha. Someone was nice enough to do a Let’s Play walkthrough of my first Flash game. It’s a little embarrassing to see my old artwork and all of the design glitches, but… it was good for a first game. In many ways, I miss the old days of Flash. It really was a great tool. Too bad Adobe couldn’t get their head out of their ass with regard to their browser plugin.

Building up experience in music composition.

These past few weeks, in an effort to train harder to become a more robust developer, I’ve switched from programming to 3D modeling. Today, it’s music composition. I’m cooking through some more online courses in music composition for games. Thought I’d post up one of my practice sessions. I’ll post more as I burn through them. Let me know what you think!

3D development in Blender

Hey all,

Sorry for the wait. It’s been a few months since my last update. I know it’s bad to keep you all waiting that long for content, but here’s what has been going on recently.

First, is that work on Traitor’s Legacy is in full swing. I’m really looking forward to wrapping this project soon so you can see what I’ve been up to for the past year or so. Again, the client is a bit weary of showing off anything until we’re close to being finished, so sorry to keep you in the dark about it for so long. Above you can see some concept character art that didn’t get approved, so no harm done there.

The second reason is that I’ve undergone a fair bit of training in how to model 3D objects in Blender through a couple of Udemy courses. I’ve had to give up Autodesk due to how expensive the monthly license is. It’s simply too robust of a software package, and I’m not using it to its fullest potential and essentially throwing cash down the toilet each month. So, I cancelled my subscription (I can’t believe that we rent our software these days), and moved over to Blender to create my 3D game assets.

If you didn’t already know, Blender is a pretty powerful, open-source 3D design application. It has immediate support for things like game assets design, as well as creating models for 3D printing. I’m super pleased with how easy it is to pick up, and how many features you get for free software.

For the past 3 days, I’ve taken the concept art you’ve seen earlier and built the plane assets shown here as practice. Not bad! This isn’t final production art, but it’s a great start to get some momentum going. The last picture is more along the lines of where I’m going for TigerHawks, in terms of gameplay.

Let me know what you guys think, and again, special thanks to those who have helped me out through Patreon! I really appreciate the help, and look forward to possibly doing this full time in the near future, funded entirely by awesome people like you!

Changing the look of TigerHawk’s planes

In researching other games in the arcade flight sim genre, I couldn’t help but notice that I had a hard time telling them apart at first glance. My original concept art seemed to mimic the same, reaslistic-ish style, and in an effort to stand apart visually I’ve decided to reapproach the design of the aircraft.

I’ve been a fan of previous games like Metal Slug, and Raiden simply because their aircrafts design were somewhat fresh and imaginative, yet still pretty fun and not-so-serious looking. I’m gonna go that route, instead. Here’s a first look at some attempts to move in that direction, and it feels GOOD! I’ll see if I can bang out a few other prototypes soon.

This is a fully armed and operational battlestation

Hey all, it has been a little quiet around here, but for good reasons. I had to step out and join the real world for a bit, working at a bank as a software developer to run up some much needed revenue. Raising kids in Orange County is expensive, and Patreon wasn’t cutting it, though if you can spare a couple dollars a month, please consider donating!

But, I’m back in the saddle again. The office is groomed, reorganized, and ready for the daily grind. I’m running on getting TigerHawks built while also completing an ongoing project for a client, Traitors Legacy. Expect more updates soon, I’m going to attempt to add something every other day.

Also, keep an eye out for a Twitch TV stream coming soon, in case you feel like watching me meander through art, animation, and code while trying to distract me.

Lazer Beamz

I miss having a white board. It really helped me in designing my games. Here’s a look at what the board looked like when I was building LazerBeamz in 2008.